Baked Spinach Carrot Omelet

February 21, 2016 7:40 pm0 comments

Baked Spinach Carrot Omelet

Baked Spinach Carrot Omelet

Recipe & Image: Nadia Natasha

Time: 30 Minutes


  • Spinach finally choped 2cup
  • Egg 4
  • Garlic choped 2 tsp
  • Black papper 1 tsp
  • Red bell paper choped 1 cup
  • Salt as taste
  • Carrot finally choped 1/2cup
  • Butter 2 tasp


Heat a pan, add butter and garlic, when it turn out golden add bell paper,carrot and spinach, stir around 4/5 mint, add salt, black paper, mix well and keep a side.

Take another bowl, mix egg and spinach  gently. Apply butter on a baking tray,egg spinach  mixed  spread on the  tray.

Bake it on electric  pre heat oven about 15 mint. Served with chilli or tomato ketchup.

Baked Spinach Carrot Omelet