Honey Chicken Bangla Recipe

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Honey Chicken Bangla Recipe

Honey Chicken Bangla Recipe

Many restaurant foods at home, make sense because it is not possible, they are built to be quite efficient. Now you can do it very simple and less time, only a few steps to follow.Image & Recipe: Faha’s Kitchen

Honey Chicken Ingredient:

– 8 pieces of chicken- 1 teaspoon garlic paste- Pepper 1/4- Table 1 teaspoon soy sauce- 50 gm butter- Two table spoons of honey.

Honey Chicken Making:

At first marinate the chicken piece with garlic paste, pepper and soya sauce for about 2/3 hour, then in a pen melt the butter and fry the marinated chicken pieces on it.Then add the marinated rest mixture and cook for 5/6 minute and before finished add the honey on it and cover. Your honey chicken is ready.

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